About Kingmaker Studio

As a game studio, we aim to produce innovative and engaging game experiences for our audience, pushing the boundaries of technology, creativity and the concept of fun. With a culture of learning, we are always researching and dissecting games, speaking with our players, analyzing the market and discerning trends. We also test our design hypothesis and technological implementations with the rigor of a scientist; after all, there is always science in game development.

Regardless of the genre, platform or target audience, we strive to be a team of competent and professional game developers who recognize the fun in each genre, the strength and weaknesses of each platform and the psyche of gamers. We actively challenge ourselves to better our skillsets; make the game load a little faster, create assets that are a little prettier and designs that captivate a little better. You will find plenty of support in the studio that encourages the exchange of knowledge both internally and externally. Through our active engagements with schools, partners and other games studios, we put ourselves in a healthy position to expose ourselves to talents and business opportunities.

We have offices in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Ho Chi Minh, seeking aspired game developers and cultivate talents. We function as a single unit in untangling any difficulty we may face. If you are an individual who enjoys traveling, working with multicultural professionals with different perspectives and love games in general, you might just enjoy producing games with us.