About Bad Moon Art Studio

Founded in 2018 by Johnathan and Kit, Bad Moon Art Studio now consists of a team of passionate digital artists, providing a variety of high-end, state of the art, creative visual and design services.

Bad Moon Art is a specialized, one-stop solution platform for independent game developers, authors and art collectors alike.

We believe in effective communication with clients to deliver the best quality art possible.

- Game Arts
- Illustrations
- Cover Arts
- Concept Arts
- Production Arts
- Marketing Arts
- Visual Developments



High Level Games - Snowhaven (D&D 5e)
John Wick Presents - 7th Sea 2e
Kicksome Entertainment - Alien 911
Knight Errant Media - Titan Effect
Sunset Rising Media (sunsetrising.net)
Mercenary Studios
Fragging Unicorn Games - Gang of the Undercity
Sigil Entertainment Group - Arcanist Press (Ancestry &
Culture) (D&D 5e)
Pinnacle Entertainment Group - 7th Sea 2e Khitai
R. Talsorian Games - Witcher TRPG & Cyberpunk Red


Carrie Summers
Tiger Hebert
K.D. Robertson
Joshua C. Chadd
Thomas K. Carpenters & Rachel J. Carpenters
R. J. Batla & Jason J. Nugent
Sam Carr - Perdixwrites.net
Mountaindale Press (Publisher)
Sam Hall
Jacinta Maree
Hup Lick Publishing (M) Sdn Bhd (Malaysia)